Newkirk Images 2002 Subway Calendar

     The towers existed for a brief three decades, a short time even in ever-changing New York City, so filling the calendar with the bright and varied photos typical of Newkirk's earlier offerings were a special challenge, as each photo in some way features the WTC. The results are surprising -- until they were gone, we rarely thought of the variety of locations from which the towers were a silent background presence.
     Photos include views from the IRT Flushing and BMT Astoria Lines in Queens, the BMT West End, Culver, Myrtle and Broadway el Lines in Brooklyn, the IRT Pelham Bay Line in the Bronx, as well as from the city's "suburban subway," the Staten Island Rapid Transit. November features an unusual item, car 8005 of the experimental R-110A train sitting on a Brooklyn dock, for a blue-water shot of the WTC.
     The calendar is not restricted by time to only modern equipment. Fantrips with the City's museum fleet feature pictures with BMT Standards, IND R1s and IRT LoVs (in the now-destroyed Cortlandt Street subway station) as well as the expected "Redbirds" and stainless steel fleet
    The calendar can be found at a few NYC locations, such as at Penn Station and the Transit Museum gift shop. It is also available directly by mail, as are a number of prior year calendars at reduced prices.

--Paul Matus

NYC Subways 2003 Calendar
Edited by William Mangahas
12-month calendar, 12x9in, 17 illus.
Newkirk Images
P.O. Box 237
Copiague, NY 11726-0237
Retail $9.95

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     The offering for 2003 marks the passing of a huge part of the New York skyline that seems even more dominant in its disappearance than in its life -- the World Trade Center.
     The covers (front, back and inside), all by the editor, poignantly frame the work. The front cover (above) shows the towers from their most familiar subway vantage, the IND viaduct in Red Hook, Brooklyn.
The back cover shows the same scene shortly after the towers fell, the space where they had been marked only by the whisps of smoke that were silent testimony to the violence that occurred there. The inside front cover contains the only picture without a train -- a nighttime view across the Hudson of the twin pillars of light that briefly memorialized the towers passing.

Rapid transit fans are a subset of the larger hobby of railfanning, and while they don't have the wide choice of wall calendars for everyone from steam buffs to pet lovers, there are a few nice annual offerings for them.
     One which has become an annual tradition is Newkirk Image's New York City Subways Calendar series edited by Bill Mangahas.